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Functional Medicine Doctor Gets to the Root Cause of Health Conditions and Offers True Health Care

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics
Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 28, 2022 GMT
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Pure Health Medical is a ONE OF A KIND Integrated Medical Spa specializing in helping people feel and look forever young.

LEWIS CENTER, OH, USA, December 28, 2022/ / -- Everyone is Not Just Another Patient at Pure Health.

Pure Health Medical is a ONE OF A KIND Integrated Medical Spa specializing in helping people feel and look forever young. They utilize the most advanced and up-to-date technologies in Functional Medicine, diagnostic testing, and techniques when treating their patients. Giving them the Health Care they need. Patients will find their team someone who makes them feel like family and right at home from the very first appointment. When they do value their health and wellness, Pure Health is the right place.

For example, if patients want to know why they have stomach aches in the morning after eating breakfast, it could be the milk, combined with a sugar-based cereal, that is causing the problem. They might be dairy intolerant and they likely had it for years. Testing is key. The data Pure Health receives is invaluable to the progress of patient results. They test patients without guessing results.

As a woman, who had a full hysterectomy last year and fees like on a slow decline ever since then, both body and mind, Pure Health Medical will test the patient’s hormone levels to see if she needs added estrogen, testosterone, and/or progesterone. Most doctors will prescribe estrogen, especially when ovaries are removed, as the body is now suddenly feels the loss of vital organs. Instead of synthetic hormone pills, Pure Health will provide bioidentical hormones, optimized to mimic the hormones in the body so there are little to no issues with integration.

Pure Health has many healthcare providers ready to assist every patient’s needs. The clinic director is also a functional medicine specialist who has been treating functional medicine patients for over 9 years. Dr. Matthew Marcotte with his team of other health care professionals has created a center anyone can go to for better natural health care without using the pill for every ill approach or unnecessary surgery. His specialty is in digestive and autoimmune conditions which he experienced and suffered from when younger.

Through a functional medicine approach, he was able to correct what was going on with his body system. After losing 20 pounds of unnecessary swelling and inflammation. He looks and feels the way he has always dreamed. He knows how to ask questions and get answers from patients who need his help in finding out how they can get better and stay better.

Call for an appointment today at 614-839-1044 and find out how to have a full assessment to discover the real root cause of the unique health condition.
It’s not always what everyone thinks that’s causing the condition.

Dr. Marcotte received his certification in Functional Medicine in 2013 and has been guiding patients to better health ever since. Prescribing drugs and scheduling surgeries are not always the answer. Even changing a patient’s diet because of unsuspected food allergies can go a long way to finding better health and energy in living daily life for some patients. Get the proper healthcare for healthcare needs is why they succeed in meeting patients’ expectations.

Finding out what really works well for each of his patients is what makes him happy.
It’s all about giving others a chance to live a healthy, happy life again.

The functional medicine approach, along with a holistic environment within the practice, makes the Pure Health Medical center a great setting for getting back in touch with one’s body. The center offers many different solutions to just about any medical issue one can think of. Interested patients can start by visiting the Functional Medicine page or going to the Contact page and filling out the form to get a callback or calling directly for an appointment at 614-839-1044.

Suffering Pain or Experiencing
Fatigue? Call Us.

Pure Health Medical can help patients find out what is causing their healthcare condition and get them healthier and back on their feet to feel better. Check out the Healthcare Tips page to see if any of these conditions relate to issues. If an individual feels extremely fatigued, has stomach and gut problems, or has other health issues, call Pure Health Medical at once for an appointment with their Functional Medicine Expert, Dr. Matthew Marcotte.

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