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United Wound Healing Standardizes SnapshotNIR for Mobile Wound Care Toolkit

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics
Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 10, 2023 GMT
Ryan Dirks, PA, CWS. Founder and CEO, United Wound Healing.
Ryan Dirks, PA, CWS. Founder and CEO, United Wound Healing.

Kent Imaging’s near-infrared imaging device is selected as a standard of care throughout United’s mobile healthcare company’s clinical network.

“We have integrated Snapshot fully into our EMR, reducing the burden of double documentation and improving efficiency and accuracy.”— Ryan Dirks, Founder & CEO

CALGARY, AB, CANADA, January 10, 2023/ / -- Kent Imaging is pleased to announce that United Wound Healing ’s skin and wound specialists have selected SnapshotNIR (Kent Imaging) as a standard of care throughout their clinical network as part of their mobile wound care tool kit.

Launched in 2015, United Wound Healing has become a national leader in mobile skin and wound care. United Wound Healing partners with skilled nursing and assisted-living facilities, as well as home health organizations, to provide advanced wound and skin treatment to patients, while simultaneously working to support and improve each organization’s wound care program. Residents with wounds are often required to travel from a nursing facility to an outpatient wound care center for treatment which can be uncomfortable as well as very costly. When a specialist can travel to the patient, United Wound Healing has seen more successful outcomes, increased satisfaction, and much lower costs.


Each United Wound Healing skin and wound care specialist oversees a distinct geographic territory, where they perform regular visits at the company’s partner facilities, practicing a distinct approach they call Team-Centered Skin and Wound Care®. This process centers on working with a facility’s full in-house care team to treat the entire patient, not just his or her wounds, but also any other skin conditions that co-exist.

“We really feel that technology is a starting point for communication,” says United’s Founder and CEO, Ryan Dirks, who goes on to say that one of the most useful — and utilized — tools in United Wound Healing’s mobile tool kit is Kent’s SnapshotNIR device.

SnapshotNIR provides clinicians the ability to conduct rapid point-of-care imaging, measuring oxygenation and perfusion of the wound and surrounding tissues. United’s specialists have found more accurate healing trajectories, the potential to mitigate risks early, and improve clinical outcomes. The portable and lightweight device provides a tracked and documented assessment of tissue viability and wound healing, supporting the responsible use of appropriate advanced wound care modalities and monitoring the therapeutic benefit at the point of care.


“Our providers use Snapshot as their primary tissue assessment tool. Whether we’re seeing a dermatological problem or a wound, we document all of it with the photography portion of Snapshot,” says Dirks. “And then, of course, the wounds where we need to keep measuring oxygenation or do further analysis, we use Snapshot for that as well. We have integrated Snapshot fully into our EMR, reducing the burden of double documentation and improving efficiency and accuracy.”

SnapshotNIR has become an essential tool in providing information to the care facilities’ medical staff as well as patients and families who are taking an active role in the healing process. In long-term care settings, the revealing images can really make an impact on the patient’s mindset. An informed patient is an encouraged patient and compliance is a big part of healing. With this mindset and a new piece of technology added to their itinerary, United Wound Healing strives to provide the best skin and wound care possible and set a new standard in care.


Kent Imaging’s CEO, Pierre Lemire, adds “The power to assess tissue oxygenation near-instantaneously in a completely portable and easy-to-use device is changing the game in how organizations like United Wound Healing can focus on their team-centered approach and deliver optimum mobile care across the country.”

About Kent Imaging
Kent Imaging, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a leading innovator in near-infrared tissue oxygenation imaging, which develops, manufactures, and markets medical technology that supports real-time decision-making in wound care, vascular and surgical subspecialties. Kent holds multiple patents in oxygen imaging technology and continues to provide innovative and advanced diagnostic imaging solutions to aid healthcare systems nationally and internationally. SnapshotNIR is supported by clinical evidence showing how it can help improve decision-making in wound care and speed time to healing. Since receiving FDA and Health Canada clearance in 2017, the technology has been featured in several published articles and peer-reviewed posters. Applying the knowledge gained from clinical trials to patient care promotes consistency of treatment and optimal outcomes. For more information visit


About United Wound Healing
United Wound Healing, a Seattle-based mobile healthcare company, focuses on providing better skin and wound care for patients in the comfort of their homes. Today, United Wound Healing operates in eight states, caring for over 25,000 new patients a year. Their skin and wound specialists are committed to building successful skin and wound care programs in over 350 partner skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, and home health organizations. Currently, they operate in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Montana, and Texas.


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