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Atlanta Urgent Care WestsideMed Provides Flu Shot Information And Debunks Common Flu Shot Myths

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 20, 2022 GMT

The noted Atlanta urgent care spent time recently debunking flu shot myths and providing crucial information about the efficacy of flu shots for flu season

“Information about flu prevention, especially from the flu vaccine, is one of our strongest tools.”— Ariel Esteves

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2022/ / -- Atlanta urgent care, WestsideMed, recently updated the community about flu shots and common flu shot myths.

With flu season in full swing, acquiring knowledge about the flu and the efficacy of flu vaccines is paramount.

In a published article, ‘Where Can I Get A Flu Shot In Atlanta?’, urgent care doctors in Atlanta inform readers how to receive a flu shot and common preventative measures to avoid the flu this year.

“Information about flu prevention, especially from the flu vaccine, is one of our strongest tools,” says WestsideMed founder and board-certified family nurse practitioner in Atlanta, Ariel Esteves. With over 15 years of medical experience, Esteves has seen her share of flu cases. Especially coming in through the door of her walk-in urgent care clinic.

With that in mind, Esteves and her team of medical providers decided to set the record straight about common flu shot myths and ways to prevent the flu.
Preventing The Flu With The Flu Vaccine In Atlanta

“There are a few great reasons people should get the flu shot this year—namely, preventing severe illness, preventing further health complications, and keeping others from being infected by influenza.”

This year is unique, as a prevalent spread of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), COVID-19, and influenza put many at risk.

With the prevalence of other respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, getting a flu shot and preventing the spread of such diseases is crucial to ensuring everyone is as safe as possible.”

These respiratory illnesses pose a significant danger to the elderly and infirm, leading to more serious, sometimes fatal medical conditions.

“If left untreated, influenza can lead to other severe health conditions, like pneumonia and bronchitis, sinusitis (sinus infection), and ear infection.”

That’s why, Esteves states, it’s so important to limit the spread of these illnesses by receiving this year’s flu shot. Esteves further explains how the flu shot works, clearing up any misconceptions about the vaccine.

“The flu vaccine helps people create antibodies in their immune systems to help combat the flu. Since different flu strains are more prevalent than others each year, researchers spend time determining which strain is likely to become an issue. The corresponding vaccine then becomes available.”

Putting Flu Shot Myths To Rest With WestsideMed

In another blog post by the Atlanta urgent care, ‘Debunking These 4 Contagious Flu Shot Myths,’ Esteves doubles down on the common misconceptions that can often lead to people forgoing their annual flu shot.

In the blog post, Esteves explains that harmful myths about the flu and the flu shot can further disincentivize individuals from getting their shot. Plus, it further enhances community spread when people become infected with the flu virus in a community and aren’t sure how they got it.

One of the most prevalent and long-lasting myths about the flu shot is that individuals can end up getting the flu from the shot itself. Since the flu shot contains either protein from the season’s flu strain or a dead flu virus, it’s not entirely out of the question to believe this prevalent myth.

However, Esteves wants everyone to know that getting the flu from a dead flu virus or its proteins is impossible.

“We decided to debunk one of the biggest flu vaccine myths around first. The flu vaccine cannot give people the flu, states Esteves. “The flu vaccine contains a dead flu virus or parts of the flu virus protein. Whichever method experts use to develop the vaccines that year, it’s quite literally impossible for the flu shot to give one the flu.”

Many who put credence into this falsehood often cite side effects from the vaccine itself. Esteves and her team assure that, while some may experience uncomfortable symptoms after a flu shot, they shouldn’t be a concern.

“We understand that some minor side effects from taking the vaccine may appear as flu symptoms. But don’t worry; those are completely normal!”

These symptoms, if they appear, usually last around a day or so, clearing up on their own.

Another widespread falsehood about the flu vaccine is that since one can still get the flu post-vaccine, it’s ineffective overall. Again, this flu shot myth isn’t hard to believe for those unfamiliar with the science of vaccines.

Esteves explains, “While the flu vaccine is the number one way to prevent the spread of the flu, it doesn’t have 100% effectiveness. No vaccine has 100% effectiveness. Depending on the immune system, the body may not mount an efficient response to the flu virus.”

In short, it all depends on one’s immune system and the other preventative measures to reduce the chances of the flu spreading from one person to another.

“More importantly, several different flu viruses are making the rounds and circulating in the community. When getting a flu vaccination, our Atlanta urgent care doctors will offer any information about the efficacy of this season’s flu vaccine.”

Preventing The Flu With Atlanta Urgent Care Providers

After debunking common flu shot myths, Esteves and her team of talented medical providers explain that getting a flu shot is just one tool to prevent the flu this season.

Practices like good hygiene (washing one’s hands, cleaning one’s face, etc.) are easy and effective ways to prevent the spread. Likewise, staying away from those who are showing flu-like symptoms is crucial.

But the flu shot is one’s best bet for avoiding a miserable flu season.

“The flu vaccine is a preventative measure to protect from severe illness, and getting a flu shot is completely safe. It goes a long way toward ensuring people are happy and healthy for the holidays, too.”

Esteves warns that these common flu shot myths just aid in the large-scale community spread of influenza.

“Don’t let these contagious flu shot myths prevent people from avoiding illness this holiday season. By getting the flu vaccine, people protect themselves and others against severe illness and hospitalization.”

Getting Treated At WestsideMed’s Walk-In Urgent Care In Atlanta

Esteves aims to comfort patients with the team’s vast knowledge of treating illnesses and administering vaccines.

“Our Atlanta urgent care at WestsideMed is well-equipped to treat the possible side effects and address any concerns. With several respiratory viruses, like COVID-19 and RSV, in our communities this winter, it’s vital that we protect ourselves and others.”

Additionally, the Atlanta urgent care provides numerous services like annual physicals, drug testing, urinalysis, skin lesion removal, and more. With a bevy of useful medical information and quick and efficient visits, Atlanta residents looking to ditch long wait times in the ER for non-life-threatening medical emergencies can find a staunch ally in WestsideMed’s medical providers.

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