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Mestastop Solutions Inc. Launches Breakthrough Platforms to Improve Cancer Survival

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Press release content from KISSPR. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 28, 2022 GMT

12/28/2022, Bangalore // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

Biotechnology company Mestastop Solutions has created three platforms to address cancer metastasis drug discovery and predictive diagnostic bottlenecks. These platforms have been successfully applied to drug repurposing and predictive diagnostics. The drug repurposing results were validated in retrospective clinical studies, while the predictive diagnostics were validated in a prospective study. Collectively, these results represent a breakthrough in drug discovery and predictive diagnostics that offers new hope for cancer patients and their families. 

John Ellingboe, PhD, Director of Mestastop, said, “ Addressing the problem of metastasis is the most promising way to improve the overall survival chances of cancer patients. Our platforms have performed beyond expectations in the initial proof of concept studies.

Mestastop focuses exclusively on research and development in the area of cancer metastasis. Its first platform, METAssay™, helped to identify three drugs approved for non-cancer indications that influence metastasis. A follow-up retrospective clinical study of one hundred colorectal cancer patients confirmed the rank ordering of these compounds and their positive effect on survival. 


Among reasons for drug discovery failure around metastasis have been the limited focus on the late stages of the metastatic process and on metastatic tumor cells. Mestastop’s platforms along with clinical data have highlighted the importance of these steps and the relevance of an elusive population of moving cells. 

The company’s second platform, METSCAN™, helped to identify rate-limiting critical steps of metastasis, and subsequently, novel, first-in-class targets. The first target has been validated by genetic engineering and a tool compound and is ready for a discovery program. Additionally, when clinicians begin using the METSCAN™ platform as a companion diagnostic tool to identify primary tumor patients at a higher risk of metastasis, they will have the added benefit of selecting the correct cohort for clinical studies. 

METAssay™ and the newest platform, METVivo™, will be extremely beneficial to biopharma companies, allowing them not only to identify new drugs that fight metastasis but also to profile their current candidates for anti-metastasis properties, which will improve their clinical positioning. These platforms will also help to assess the safety of medications approved for chronic indications that would otherwise adversely impact metastasis. International patents have been filed for all of the platforms, and Mestastop begins national phases in February 2023.


The successful development of the platforms comes on the heels of the company’s win at the Global Health and Pharma 2022 Awards, UK, where it topped the Best Metastasis R&D Specialists category. Further progress will be aided through collaborations.   

The budget required to create these breakthroughs is enormous,” Ellingboe said, “and a small Biotech like Mestastop requires collaboration. We are confident that these platforms’ immense value and incredible potential are self-evident and will attract additional financing from investors and further cooperation from the Biotech industry as our reputation grows.


It’s an immense, ongoing challenge, but colleagues at the company’s US headquarters and its wet lab in Bangalore, India are all focused on improving the lives of cancer patients and their families.

Here at Mestastop we never want to lose sight of the fact that we are talking about real patients and their loved ones. Living with the uncertainty, the emotional strain, not to mention the financial burden of cancer, is unbearable for millions of patients. That’s why we are working to empower the biopharma industry with these innovative platforms. We can provide tools to delay a cancer’s progress. And the exciting news is that this is possible using existing drugs. There is no need to wait a decade for a new drug to come along.


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