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Critical first aid tips for Brisbane’s wet summer ahead

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 30, 2022 GMT
First aid course training in Chermside, Brisbane
First aid course training in Chermside, Brisbane

Brisbane residents should know these critical flood first aid tips from a leading first aid course provider, as the BOM predicts a summer of very high rainfall.

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, December 28, 2022/ / -- The Australian summer is notorious for severe weather patterns including floods, heatwaves, bushfires, and tropical cyclones, particularly in recent years.

This summer, Brisbane residents should be prepared as the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) predicts cooler-than-average temperatures with higher-than-average rainfall for Queensland and the Eastern Coast.

My First Aid Course Brisbane is encouraging people to prepare by heeding the flood preparation advice from government authorities and to refresh their skills and knowledge in first aid and CPR course.

The leading Brisbane first aid training provider listed three of the most critical first aid tips for those living in flood-prone areas to be aware of.

First and foremost, My First Aid Course said safety is and always will be the highest priority.

“If a first aid responder puts themselves in danger, they are likely to make the situation worse. For example, if someone is stranded by water or in a precarious situation, the best thing a responder can do is consider how to minimise the danger without putting oneself at risk.”

The next priority, according to My First Aid Course, is to send for experienced help as soon as the need is apparent.

During peak emergency times, there is a large demand placed on emergency services that may not be able to respond in a timely manner. Therefore, raising help as soon as possible is important, while also assessing the need for emergency services appropriately.

My First Aid Course Brisbane added that it is also important to obtain nearby help from capable neighbours or bystanders if available.

“It is often advantageous to have someone else call the ambulance and answer questions, while the first aider focusses on attending to the casualty’s needs.” said My First Aid Course.

In their final word of advice, flood first aid responders are to sustain life as a priority while waiting for emergency services, which means maintaining breathing and circulation.

“Keep them breathing, stop them bleeding! If the casualty has taken in water, they should be rolled onto their side, with head gently tilted back to allow water to be expelled passively. The mouth can be cleared of any visible contents using a finger sweep. If a person is unconscious and not breathing normally, CPR should be commenced immediately.”

Basic hands-only CPR - or continuous compressions CPR - can be provided by anyone, but My First Aid Course said first aid and CPR training can increase chance of survival.

To maintain life it is also necessary to stop all blood loss from open wounds by applying direct pressure with a gloved hand and sterile dressing, and once controlled, apply a firm bandage.

“Cover all wounds and do not expose open wounds to flood water as it may be contaminated with chemicals and harmful bacteria,” said My First Aid Course Brisbane.

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