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ThunderCore and FICO Partner for Web3 Mass Adoption

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from PR Newswire
Press release content from PR Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 15, 2022 GMT

TAIPEI , Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Popular layer-1 blockchain ThunderCore and multinational conglomerate FICO Corporation are entering into a strategic partnership to promote the mass adoption of Web3 through the onboarding of Web2 firms. Both companies share a clear vision and strategy to help take blockchain technology mainstream.

That strategy involves introducing FICO’s long list of famous partners to the proven technology pioneered by ThunderCore. The two companies will bring their complementary advantages to bear by taking legacy brands from the Web2 space and outfitting them with Web3 tools. This blockchain adoption strategy is sometimes referred to as Web2.5.

ThunderCore is a global leader in blockchain user retention, which makes it an optimal partner for companies with a dedicated customer base. FICO – which has hundreds of global partners and subsidiaries in industries like textiles, F&B, hospitality, luxury retail, and entertainment – will help to onboard new projects and users. In hospitality, FICO’s partners include famous names such as Holiday Inn, Novotel, and Pullman, while in F&B partners include Godiva Chocolate, Domino’s Pizza Thailand, Taco Bell Thailand, and Krispy Kreme Thailand, and many others.


First out the gate for the team is a collaboration between ThunderCore and FICO’s Web3 subsidiary E-Verse, which has already launched a string of successful NFT projects, including with the Japan Expo Thailand, Asia TV, Asia Airlines, Unicef Thailand, and the Bangkok Post.

ThunderCore and E-Verse Collaboration

Many businesses and celebrities are currently looking for the most seamless way to transition from Web2 to Web3. The partnership will be pushing forward with a constant stream of new projects over the coming years – and it’s only just begun.

Below is a small sampling of the Web3 projects ThunderCore and E-Verse have focused on for the initial phase of their collaboration.

Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar is among the most successful female recording artists in the world, with 13.8M YouTube subscribers and over 4.2B views. Performing with her brother Tony for the first time, the Kakkars put on a gigantic live-streamed concert in November 2022. The show featured a unique pre-show metaverse designed by E-Verse and with NFT ticketing done by ThunderCore. Tickets were only purchasable with TT, the native token of the ThunderCore ecosystem.


Fantastic Football World Cup 2022 campaign powered by ThunderCore

During the 2022 World Cup, the partners designed a series of events held on ThunderCore that featured giveaways of both crypto and NFTs. The Fantastic Football campaign is one of the sports games created by KK Ventures, which is a Web3-focused venture capital subsidiary of FICO that has been bringing great value to ThunderCore.

In order to promote the gaming DApps prominently in the ThunderCore ecosystem, a special World Cup page was designed for ThunderCore’s cutting-edge TT Wallet. The page promoted gaming apps designed specifically for the football tournament. The popular contests were full of incentives to start using TT Wallet and dive deep into the ThunderCore ecosystem.



Pimrypie is an actress, singer, model, and influencer with a combined follower count of 18M on Facebook and Tiktok. In addition to her career, she is known for her charitable works, which she urges fans to join her in. The partners will be working with Pimrypie to roll out a ThunderCore-based NFT project for her massive audience.

Partnership goals

For years, ThunderCore has been refining the tools, technology, and expertise to help Web2 companies transition to the blockchain. Groundbreaking products like the ThunderGene API tool, which allows for the seamless integration of Web3 features into Web2 apps, help new developers get started building on ThunderCore’s high-performance public chain.

At the same time, FICO is the ideal partner for any technology company looking to expand, with over seven decades of sturdy relationships built around the world. FICO’s nearly endless roster of businesses in need of blockchain tech and expertise will supply the team with all of the clients required to achieve their vision.


ThunderCore and FICO will be using Web3 technology to help improve the existing services of clients. Many of the improvements will use NFTs as a means to augment an already sizable reach and impact. Here are some of the ways NFTs can push Web2 partners forward:

Blockchain for the masses

ThunderCore and FICO are embarking on a permanent collaboration that will see the two partners onboarding hundreds of Web2 companies to the blockchain space using a Web2.5 approach.

For ThunderCore, the partnership is expected to dramatically increase the utility of ThunderCore’s native token, TT, as well as pillars of its chain like TT Wallet. Furthermore, existing stakeholders in its ecosystem are projected to massively benefit from the influx of newcomers.

For FICO, the power to shepherd its vast corporate network into the blockchain era is likely to bring tremendous and sustained revenue increases to its community.


Together, the partners look forward to bringing about the mass adoption of blockchain technology with an enormous user acquisition pipeline, which ThunderCore has the proven expertise to retain in its ecosystem.

About ThunderCore

ThunderCore is among the world’s top 5 layer-1 blockchains and the only platform growing DApp users organically through ecosystem retention, which will be the key driving force behind the real mass adoption of blockchain. Its proof-of-stake (PoS) architecture, EVM compatibility, entertainment-first ethos, and deep developer support provide a battle-tested home for the next generation of crypto innovators across Web3, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse.

Thanks to its unique PaLa consensus mechanism, ThunderCore can handle 4,000+ TPS with sub-second confirmation times and ultra-low gas fees kept at a fraction of a cent.

ThunderCore Token (TT), the chain’s popular native asset, can be stored in the feature-rich TT Wallet, together with other supported ecosystem assets.

Created in 2017 by Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Chris Wang to help solve Ethereum’s scalability issues, ThunderCore was able to reach such an achievement in ecosystem retention because of the proven, stable, scalable, and secure blockchain technology built over the last five years.

About FICO Corporation

The FICO Corporation is the lead company of the FICO Group, a large multinational corporation founded by the Srichawla family in 1947. The FICO Group operates across Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries in a diverse range of sectors such as hospitality, commercial real estate, luxury retail, manufacturing & trading (textiles and commodities), engineering, technology, entertainment & media.

Notable partners include Pullman, Novotel, Holiday Inn, Godiva, Domino’s, Muse Creative Group, Maggie Choo, The Iron Fairies, Mercure, and many more.

The FICO Group now encompasses more than 100 companies and has a strong global network of industry leaders. The majority of its companies report directly to FICO Corporation’s CEO, Krit Srichawla.

FICO’s Web3 venture capital arm, KK Venture Group, is headed by Sithi Srichawla, who also runs the hotel, events, and entertainment side of FICO. KK Venture has launched dozens of Web3 projects, including with EAST NFT, E-VERSE, Art Smiley, Cartoon Club, WebTVAsia, Katana, Unicef Thailand, and the Bangkok Post, among many others.

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